Hi, my name is Kristina McCann, and I am a senior at Schreiber High School, as well as the source of the “hottest products for high schoolers in Port Washington” for Larick Associates.  For the past few months, I have been interning at Larick Associates, learning the ins and outs of email, direct mail, and search marketing.  I have learned a huge amount from Eric Mohr and Nancy Larick, that I can definitely take with me to college where I plan to study marketing, and beyond.

The first thing I learned was about list hygiene.  Eric taught me the importance of having a “clean” list, to ensure that the company is sending marketing emails to the clients who will not only appreciate the emails, but follow up on them by buying some of the products too.  From there I learned how to create an email campaign, where we picked products targeted for specific groups (i.e. Education, Law Firms, etc.).  This way, we were able to send advertisements for specific products to their target audience, in order to really catch their eye.  We picked products that were considered hot, like swell-type water bottles, silicone phone wallets, fidget spinners and cubes, and more.  All of this was done online, which is not at all surprising in our day and age.

I also helped Nancy revamp the social media marketing for Larick Associates.  I set up an instagram account for the company (@larickassociates), as well as added some new posts to their already existent Facebook page.  In this way, I was able to give back to Nancy and Eric at Larick for all they have taught me, by giving them insight from a high school perspective on what products are trendy right now.  For example, we posted promotions for fidget spinners, fidget cubes, and swell like water bottles, all of which I can personally say as a high school student, are definitely “hot” and “have to have” products for people my age.

In terms of what I can take away with me from this experience, well, to be honest, there is so much it may be hard for me to put it into words.  For one thing, I now have a clear knowledge of the promotional products industry: what it entails, how to market the products to potential clients, and how to manage accounts.  Now, as someone who will be attending college this fall, I already have a basis of marketing and this industry, which not only makes me feel more secure with my decision to pursue marketing, but also gives me a head start against my peers.

Beyond this, I think I have always had a misconception that marketing lacked traditional office work.  In my mind, I only imagined it as a creative job involving solely design.  However, after my internship at Larick Associates, I learned that this is definitely not the case.  NOTHING is more important than the client, and all the various ways of reaching them.  For example, in regards to email marketing, if you have an unclean client list, there is essentially no point in marketing through email, because you will not be targeting the right people.  The work I did with Eric in terms of list hygiene (i.e. marking accounts inactive, grouping accounts, etc.) definitely gave me insight on the other side of marketing that I think seems to be underrated in its importance.  Again, this gives me more of a basis of what I should be expecting while studying marketing over the next four years, and beyond that if this is the industry I chose to pursue. 

Last but not least, I learned the importance of making your company known for being helpful.  Not only did Nancy and Eric help me fulfill my graduation requirement of an internship, but they took it beyond that.  They spent a lot of time and took the project very seriously, which I greatly appreciate.  I will always remember the help that they gave me, and associate that helpful mentality with their company.